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Search Engine Marketing

(Also known as: SEM, Pay Per Click, PPC, Google AdWords, Search Marketing...)


Yes - even before you get past the title it can become confusing, there are just so many acronyms in search engine marketing it's hard to know where to start. However, it has been comprehensively proved to work (this is how Google makes nearly all it's money) so if you're trying to promote a website, you need to be doing SEM.


Why Bread and Butter Marketing?

PartnerBadge 151030Search engine marketing really is Bread & Butter Marketing's bread and butter. Lucy started at Google just as AdWords was in its infancy and understands the system inside out, having helped thousands of customers and agencies understand it throughout her 6 years working with the system. Bread & Butter Marketing are a Google Partner company, accredited by Google to provide AdWords training, set up AdWords accounts, optimise AdWords accounts and manage AdWords accounts on an ongoing basis. Lucy also holds individual qualifications in the individual Google AdWords exams Iincluding Google Shopping and Video advertising) and Google Analytics and prides herself on being able to explain the complexities of the system so that anyone can understand them.

What we can do:

  • AdWords setup: from as little as £100, we can get you up and running with an AdWords account that will generate more money than you spend on it.
  • AdWords training: (see our training page) we can provide you with training to enable you to manage your own account in-house. This can be useful if you are taking over the management of an account from someone else or if you are new to managing AdWords
  • AdWords audit: for bigger businesses and accounts, we can provide a written audit detailing exactly how your account is performing, what is working well, and how it can be improved. If you are currently using an agency to manage your account and want to get a second opinion as to how it's performing, or if you're managing it in house, get in touch and we can help.
  • Agency training: if your advertising agency is currently not up to speed in AdWords, we can provide training to help your team become experts. Lucy specialised in working with agencies at Google and will therefore tailor the training to 3rd party management of AdWords specifically.