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Video Marketing

Video Marketing


With the rise of consumer video on sites like YouTube, small and medium sized businesses are now able to compete with big businesses by advertising using video. Where before only those with huge budgets to burn could afford to run costly TV ads, with YouTube and other sites allowing video advertising, this power is now available for very small budgets too, all it takes is a hand held video camera and you can be running video ads that deliver direct response while also building your brand for a minimal investment. 


We offer the following video marketing services:

  • Video creation (this starts from only £100 - videos don't have to be expensive!)
  • YouTube channel creation: give your video a homepage
  • Video advertising set up: get your video ad running
  • Video advertising analytics: measure your success

If you have a product that would look good in front of a camera, or a video that gets your message across, get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.