About Us

Google Certified Digital Marketing Specialists

Bread & Butter Marketing was founded by Lucy Johnston when she left Google in 2010 to start her own independent venture to support businesses and charities with their digital marketing strategies. While at Google, she built and led online sales teams supporting businesses and agencies using the Google suite of marketing products. This role provided her with an amazing chance to develop expertise in Google’s marketing products, such as AdWords (or Google Ads as it is now), Google Analytics and SEO, as well as a deep understanding of the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Lucy set up Bread & Butter Marketing to provide digital ads agency services, online marketing advice, training and implementation to businesses and the charity sector. Our services included range from search engine marketing (SEM or PPC), social media advertising (paid social) and SEO. We also specialise in recommending how to mix these together to get the best results for any given goals.

Doing Digital Differently

As our strapline suggests, we're trying to do something a little different to most digital marketing agencies. Our aim is to demystify the world of digital marketing and start making it work for your business.

At Bread & Butter Marketing, we will support your business in the way that suits the rhythms and structure of your business best. Our bespoke training packages share the ‘bread and butter’ of online marketing with clients, equipping them with the skills they require to create successful campaigns to support their businesses both now and in the future. We provide industry-leading insight and consultancy to every client, whether you’re looking for a fully-integrated multi-channel digital campaign or expert training to allow your team to manage ads and marketing in-house.