What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is – very simply – a range of things you can do that may help your business or charity to appear higher in Google’s natural, organic listings (i.e not in the ads).

Search engine optimisation is sometimes thought of as a bit of a dark art – in fact the practitioners of it call themselves either black hat or white hat SEO specialists depending on whether what they’re doing is approved of by the search engines (e.g Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) or not.

Why get Bread & Butter Marketing involved?

At Bread & Butter Marketing we have worked with Google for years, and we know that, in the long term, the best option for everyone is to make your website as user friendly as possible. This will keep Google AND your potential customers happy – a win-win for everyone.

We can advise what this means, practically, for you and your business, and can offer training and advice to help you focus on the things that you can do that should have the greatest impact as soon as possible. This might be rethinking the layout or content of your site, or putting in place some simple fixes in the backend of your site. Or it could be that we spot something simple that is preventing Google from indexing your site properly. Whatever it is though, you can be sure we’ll offer straightforward and practical advice, without using jargon.

What can Bread & Butter Marketing do for you?

  • Agency
  • Consultancy
  • Training

Bread & Butter Marketing can offer a full ads management service for your business. We will take your brief, organise and optimise your account(s), then provide you with regular updates on how your ads are performing and our recommendations to further improve. This works well for clients who don’t have the capacity to run their own accounts but want to ensure that their advertising is being run effectively and efficiently. Read our case study of a client using us to fully manage their PPC.



For some businesses, a more collaborative partnership works well. Bread & Butter Marketing can support your existing marketing team to manage your Search Engine Marketing effectively, providing regular checkups, product updates and strategy suggestions, as well as doing some of the heavy lifting when required. Consider us an additional member of your marketing team. Read our case study of how we’ve worked with clients in this way to learn more.



If you’d prefer to manage your digital marketing campaigns in house, or haven’t got the resources to outsource to an agency, then our training may be for you. We offer either group training sessions or bespoke training. The most cost-effective option is often to come along to a group training session: Lucy runs regular training on behalf of Ayrshire and Glasgow Chambers of Commerce which may be suitable. Or if want to do something for a particular group, please get in touch and we can arrange a group training session to suit your requirements. If you’d like a custom training designed for your team and business, we can work with you to understand what your requirements are, and develop a custom training course.

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