Case Study


Bread & Butter Marketing worked with over the 5 months running up to the November 2020 US elections. The mission was to encourage Texas voters to compare their candidates, understand the issues, and help them make more informed decisions about how to vote, in a non-partisan way.

Bread & Butter Marketing implemented a range of campaigns, including search, video and display, to drive qualified traffic to the site. created informative and engaging videos in a range of lengths and formats which Bread & Butter Marketing was able to use for some innovative video campaigns, including video sequences.

Overall, these campaigns delivered over 70% of traffic to the site, generating high quality interactions and resulting in 80% of the site conversions.

It was a real privilege to be involved and to work on such an important project.

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I had the privilege of working with Lucy on a project called I knew next to nothing about utilizing Google search ads and keywords to help bring political awareness to the state of Texas for the 2020 election. Lucy was invaluable to this project. She was knowledgeable and professional and responsive and at the same time she was patient and compassionate about what we were trying to achieve. Her work exceeded my expectations in every way and brought hundreds of thousands of users to my project. I learned so much working with her and I am so grateful. While Texas politics were making me edgy and stressed, Lucy helped keep me grounded and proud of my efforts. THANK YOU Lucy!!! You rock!!